Oh, what an anniversary!

There are so many things to celebrate in life, so many! As I get older, I either mark more “important” dates on the calendar or I challenge my brain to forget the ones that should be left to rest.

Today is one of the latter…

Five years ago, on the 2nd of April, I received an email from someone I had never heard of before. If you have read some of my posts, you already know that I met two men who destroyed me. And as there is a rule that misery likes company and something about two horrible events must be followed by a third one, I had to abide by this.
The third important man of my life turned out to be as horrible as the two others. How is that possible? you might ask… I have no idea, so just go with it.

Her name was Nicole. She wrote to me on the 2nd of April 2008 and her email opened up a can of worms. The man I loved and with whom I had a wish to build a family and a life, the one who was in my prayers and in my dreams every night was actually another type of abuser and sociopath.

My life came to a halt on that day. After all I had been through, I felt this was the last straw and my heart would not be able to handle any more pain, any more hurt and wounds. angel
But somehow, my life also received an opportunity on that day (or probably a few days later, once the initial shock was gone). Nicole’s email opened my eyes, but I realised that they had been opened all this time, but just could not see.

I thank God, and Nicole today for bringing to me the news about the man I once loved. This was a blessing, a true blessing. Nicole, God bless you for your courage and integrity. May you live a long life of happiness now that you have found love.

4 thoughts on “Oh, what an anniversary!

  1. Me too for meeting three!! I wonder, did I not learn the lesson with the first two? Or was there something else that i needed to learn? I really do not know. I hope that today represents freedom, liberty, love of yourself and a whole new life!! 🙂

  2. Oh I think we saved each other! I thank God you responded! I would still love to see you one day but until then know that I often think if you and wish you always hapiness. Love Nicole. Xo

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