Write love, kill love

I used to write love stories, or romantic stories. There was love, death, the whole cocktail. I read books about the law of attraction and I wonder if I actually just brought it on to myself.

In my stories, people fell in love with the wrong one, hooked up with the person who blocked their way rather than the one they actually wanted. Then, they died, or their loved one died, or everyone around them died. Pff!


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Now, with age, I know better, and I have also experienced more, actual death of loved ones, actual betrayal and hooking up with Mr. Wrong.

I write love stories about people who actually make sense together and try hard to make it work. This time, I am not bringing anything on to myself, I am merely using my experience to defeat the sadness around me.

Love, and all its nuances: hate, despair, trust and mistrust, faithfulness and lack of it… I write about love, in all its beauty!

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