Happy Narcissism Awareness Day!

Is there a day for narcissists’ awareness? Oh, there so should be!

Imagine a day when these guys would be embraced and thanked for giving us the joy of learning how to face them. A day when we would offer them roses Adam’s family style: cut off the roses and offer stems and pricks (no pun intended!). Oh!

I sometimes think it is terrible that the world does not know more about narcissists. I also feel that narcissists should know about themselves… maybe they just don’t realise it.
I remember my ex telling me one day:
– “Maybe you are right. Maybe I actually don’t love you and I am just doing all this so that you stay with me and keep giving me money…” and he was so sad.
– “Don’t be silly!” was my answer.

Really? I was the silly one. He had won another battle. Of course, these little doses of reality pinch the heart of the victim, so we come grovelling back. Ah! They are masters in tormenting people. We must expose them, to the world and to themselves!

Happy Narcissism awareness day!

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