Crazy or Stupid?

Needless to say, everyone who had to face a narcissist at some point, knows the power of HIDING. What is your favorite place for hiding?

In my case, I started with hiding behind the bed… I know, right! I put my face in my hands and when I could not see him, obviously, he did not see me either, right? WRONG! He found me there!

kitts3_041So I hid in what I consider to be the strangest place to hide, yet, I see it in movies, everyone goes there: the bathroom. Small space, water (and toilets!), it is still inside the apartment, so no public audience and above all, it has a key on the door.
This door gave great opportunities for kicking and threatening to unbold the hinges etc… Still, somehow, this door, unlike others, never seemed to give in.

My personal take on the topic is that the bathroom is usually in a corner somewhere, so it gives little room for a long start in order to gain speed and force. Also, anyone knows that if you knock down a bathroom door, chances are you will land with your face against the sink or the toilets. Narcissists might be crazy but, we said it many times, they are not stupid!

Something else happens when we hide in the bathroom. Calculation being one of their strength, hence the common qualification as manipulator, they want us cornered. So, once we are in the bathroom, they actually have achieved their goal.
Sure, they can’t reach us, but we also can’t go anywhere.

This was what mostly annoyed me. I ran to the bathroom, bolted the door and a sudden reality downed on me… now what? At some point, I would have to come out and he would win. He inevitably won every time, I always came out, and yet, I kept running to the bathroom again and again…Because, unlike him, I was not crazy, but … I was stupid.


2 thoughts on “Crazy or Stupid?

  1. You weren’t/aren’t stupid. You were scared. I ran to the bathroom too. Our lock sucked though and he could pry it open rather easily, lol. Our bathroom did, however, have a window. I hope you’re safe nowadays ❤

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment, always a pleasure when someone stops by. Oh a window! Lucky you! I went out the balcony window once… Yes, I am safe now. Still looking over my shoulder as a habit, but safe. You? Thank you again for visiting, and following, I’ll return the favour.

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