They come in all kinds

You might think you’ve seen it all. Psychopath, sociopath, cheater, abuser, aggressive… No one can blame you for thinking you have seen it all.

Psychopath number one:

I started off with a violent guy. He insulted me, gave me horrific nicknames. It was obvious that he had a problem (not me!), I always knew that much. Still, he destroyed who I was. Not on the outside: I remained strong and happy. Inside, I was worn, torn and broken.

Psychopath number two:

I continued on with a psychopath. A guy who escapes justice just because he knows how to bend the rules and how to get the other ones caught instead of him. If it was not for this, i.e. his intelligence and the amount of time he has available to mill over his diabolical schemes, he would have been locked up a long time ago.

Psychopath number three:

heartFinally, came my deliverance. I met someone who opened my eyes onto a better world, one where love was possible and kindness and honor were a constant. He put his fingers under my chin, made me look him in the eyes and solemnly declared: “I love you!” It was like sealing his faith on my heart. I believed him and I wanted to believe despite the fact that it all seemed so weird.

How to recognise them? I do not know. So despite my better judgement, I stay away from all of them. I cannot for the life of me put any trust in someone else. No matter how hard I try, something pulls me back. No matter how much I try to convince myself that I should not end up alone, I keep the door to my heart closed.

Is there a heart there… still?


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