Survive! Survive!

I called this blog “Surviving a Narcissist… or Two.” People are wondering if I am not being a bit melodramatic, are you? If you are, it means that you have still much to learn about what this blog is touching. Physical abuse (the one you see on TV or hear coming from your neighbor’s door) is just the tip of the iceberg.

Still when I wanted to find out information about my ex- and his threats to end my life, a lawyer / psychologist told me: “All men who voice threats do not end up killing their spouse, you should calm down and be more supportive!”

She was right in some aspect, physical abuse was just one of the many techniques this psychopath could use to get his ways, so, why should he just lack creativity and simply beat me up to death to take me down?

Dragging their horrible tantaculous feet around are the following crimes: psychological abuse, economical / financial abuse, emotional abuse.

A couple of years back, these crimes were ignored (after all, isn’t manipulation a useful tool in marketing or management?) and undermined. Now, slowly, we realise that these are violences and believe it when I say that they can lead a person to taking her life or killing, or more generally, to be killed one way or another.
Now we know better, and people like me are talking, writing, screaming.

Watch this video, this is nothing but a meeting in the park… yet, it is the onset for much bigger dramas to come. You might think this is just a “normal” story, but you would be wrong. This man used charming approaches to attract his prey. Then he managed to make her feel bad for not accepting his invitation and finally she gave in and he won, without her realising it.
They will go for a drink and she will feel compelled to share her story with him, thus giving him the tools he needs to dig his claws further into her heart, her soul, her life and of course, her future.


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