News is important, or…


I read the news every day. Some days, I wonder why I read it, some other days, it makes me angry. This morning, I read what is pictured on the left. Familial drama… in Norway… I had to get a map out to check where that is exactly. Oh, wait a minute, no, I did not, because there was a map with the article on

Then I thought for a while. This article gave me no information, nothing to reflect upon… What do I know, what are the facts? A boy killed another boy, don’t know why, don’t know how, don’t know what will happen… Wow! Here I go thinking, this is five minutes of my life I won’t get back, so I’d better make a post out of it.

It is amazing what newspapers will print when they have nothing to say, isn’t it?

I also read another article about a singer (Bertrand Cantat) who killed his partner, leaving behind her four orphaned kids. He went on to serve a couple of years in jail. When he came out, he went back to live with his ex-wife and their two small kids. Then his ex-wife committed suicide. Now, our singer is back on stage, launching his new album, asking to be redeemed, and everyone applauds… except one man. No, he will not invite the criminal on his show. BRAVO, Mr, Druker!

Well, simply put, it is the same as your Chris Brown / Rihanna ‘s famous break-up in 2009. Oh, if only Cantat’s former partner had not died, it would just have been a life-altering experience for all involved (sic!)!… Most importantly for the lives of two lovely and talented women and six innocent kids…

I read on Chris Brown explaining how tired he was to being tagged for a “mistake” he made when he was 18… If Rihanna had died, he would still be reflecting in prison… What a turn of events, and now, they are/might be back together… How forgetful are we!


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