Follow these 10 steps and leave

10 Lessons to Freedom
This eBook offers steps to guide you to freedom. Your mind is sure, now: this was a mistake. Life will go on but you will be far. Now, here is a tricky surprise: when you voice your intention, suddenly clouds thicken and lightning strikes. A storm is lurking… What happened?
Yes, you woke up the beast! Your wish of ending this relationship with respect is out the window and you know it can only get uglier from here.
This eBook helps you prepare your exit with a minimum of panache. Why? Because YOU deserve it!

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Volume 1

Understand what went wrong

Walking with a Narcissistic Person
– Book 1 “Is it me? Is it him?”

Something is definitely wrong. Truth is, you’ve known it from the start but you let your head take over. Reasons for not ending this relationship are: not now, his grand-father died… I can’t do this to him now, he has no job… Not now, he is ill
It is never the right timing… for HIM.
This eBook helps you see what really happened. It is short, to the point, you can read it in a couple of hours.
It is vital that you understand what is at stake for YOU.

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