Handbook: Walking with a Narcissistic Person
Book 1: Is it me? Is it him?

Walking1It is not possible to change others, but it is necessary to change ourselves when entangled in a web of doubt, submerged by a wave of sadness and suffering. Relationships don’t suddenly go South. If we think about it for a while, we realize that signs were there, we just failed to see them.
Sometimes, there are no outbursts, nothing to show for, no bruises except the ones of the heart and the mind.
People under influence spend a lot of their days justifying their pain, explaining over an over to non-welcoming ears why and how they are hurting. Why do they do this? Because it is heartbreaking to see one’s love stepped on and then trashed, and it drives them crazy to not be able to expose their tormentor.

The paperback edition includes reflection questions to help you in your journey. Get your very personal notebook and jot down YOUR “history” in it. How did you get there? What went wrong? etc. As you write, things become clearer.

Buy the paperback from or the sister sites
If you prefer a shorter Kindle version of the book, get it on Kindle version does not propose the reflection questions)


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